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2012 Nubians

Our goats born in 2012 were all given Biblical names (or some variation). That year the sires were Saada Rising Phantom (herd name Michael) and his son Stocks Farms Inc Percy by Saada Lady Lilac (herd name Esther). We have several promising does from that year and we are eager to see them mature as they head into their third year.

Stocks Farms Inc Jezebela

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Mia

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom


LA:01-04 +VA+ 81

Jezzie (yes, I know it's actually Jezebel and that she is not a good role model:) is a beautiful doe making a gallon of milk this year. As she is maturing, she is getting nicer and nicer, and we plan on showing her in the fall.

Stocks Farms Inc Eve

Dam:Saada Just Judith

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom



Eve is a special goat simply because she is the only doe we got from Just Judith before she died of birth complications. She is maturing into a very beautiful doe. As a first freshener she had a small but beautifully shaped udder.

Stocks Farms Inc Annie Si

 Dam: Saada Lady Lilac

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom


LA: 00-02 VV+  V

Annie had a rough yearling year, but she has really come into herself and turned into a great doe who gave us a beautiful doeling. Her udder is one of the best in the herd.

Stocks Farms Inc Ruth

Dam: JMJ Familia Rosemary

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom


LA: 01-04 VVV V

Ruth is a dry yearling, the last doe of one of our foundation does, Rose. At the moment, she still needs to mature, espcially in udder capacity, but she has a lot of promise.