2013 Does

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Yearling Nubian Does

In the year 2013 we had kids born from two sires, Stocks Farms Percy and Saada Mac's Gidion. We have been very pleased with the kids we got, especially those from Gidion. These yearlings will start kidding in the beginning of April, all bred to Saada Revealed Mark. I had fun naming them all after herbs and spices!

Stocks Farms Jasmine

Dam: Saada Lady Lilac

Sire: Saada Mac's Gidion

DOB: 2/28/13

LA: 00-05 +V++

Jasmine is an elegant little doe who has only recently matured from rather frail to showing the width and strength of both her dam and sire. She is very tall and smoothly blended. 


Stocks Farms Inc Poppy

Dam: Stocks Farms Inc Queenie

Sire: Stocks Farms Inc Percy

DOB: 2/11/13

LA: 00-05 V+VV

Poppy is one of the few dam raised kids we have, and she did so well on her mother that she became overweight and had to be forcibly removed. She is very long and well porportioned now that she has slimmed down.

Stocks Farms Inc Spice

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Cream

Sire: Stocks Farms Inc Percy

DOB: 2/12/13

LA: 00-05 +EC++

Spice's dam has a very pretty udder and made a little less than a gallon a day last year. We look forward to seeing if she does as well. 

Stocks Farms Inc Dill

Dam: Stocks Farms Inc Jezebela

Sire: Saada Mac's Gidion

DOB: 3/4/13

LA: 00-04 V+EcV

Dill is a nice tall spotted doe, smoothly blended and long bodied. She had the potential to be a great milker, but like the rest of her dam's line, she is slow maturing.

Stocks Farms Cinnamon



Stocks Farms Inc Paprika

Dam: Stocks Farms Inc Mimsy

Sire: Saada Mac's Gidion

DOB: 3/7/13

LA: 00-04 V+VV

Paprika is the largest of a set of triplets and has always been the size of the does a month older. She is tall, wide, and well proportioned. If her udder is like her dam's, she is going to be one of our best milkers and nicest does. 

Stocks Farms Inc M&M

Dam: Stocks Farms Inc Alice

Sire: Saada Mac's Gidion


LA: 00-04 V+VVV

Yes, i know M&M isn't a spice, but she looks just like her grand-dam Mia, so she became Mini Mia, aka M&M. This doe is absolutely beautiful, probably my favorite of the bunch. She is tall and elegant like her sire, and just all around a great doe. Hopefully, her udder will be just as fabulous.