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Nubian Does

Stocks Farms Inc. Clover

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Duchess      

Sire: Cream-of-Kansas' EV Shopan    


LA: 7-02 87 V+EV

Clover is a large older doe who tends to be a very easy keeper. She is a also superior genetics doe. She will kid around March.

Stocks Farms Inc Ivaine

Dam:Saada Missee Janella

Sire:Saada Rising Phantom


LA: 3-04 88 VVVE

Milk Rating: 1*M

Ivaine had full Saada bloodlines and is from the first goats we bought from them. She has a beautiful, easy to milk udder that really matured this year. She is currently making around ten pounds on a good day.

Stocks Farms Inc. Queenie

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Cream

Sire: Saada Vintage Jack Daniel


LA:02-04 VVV+ 85

Queenie is a large, long doe and is the only one we got from Jack Daniel before he died. She gives a lot of milk and has the honor of being the easiest to milk of all our goats. She is bred to Revealed Mark and will kid the end of Feb.

Saada Bearly Zeta

Dam:Saada Bearly Zeta

Sire:Saada Jalal Hilkiah



Zeta came to us from Saada as a two year old via a 3000 mile journey across the US. She is a very well put together doe, even if she is a little-okay, a LOT-high maintenance. She is bred to Gideon and will kid end of Feb.

Stocks Farms Inc. Mimsy

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Lady

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom


LA:02-05 VV+E 86

Milk Rating: 1*M 

Mimsy is a beautiful spotted doe who is one of our best milkers and usually does well in the show ring. She currently has three bucks (born 2/1) for sale. 

Stocks Farms Inc. Cream

Dam:Stocks Farms Inc Heidi     

Sire: Jordan Valley LLL Bambi


LA: 6-04 89 VEEV

Milk Rating: 1*M

Cream is a superior genetics doe and has her Senior Leg. She will be bred one or two more times before retiring.

Stocks Farms Inc. Lady

Dam:LL Acres TM April    

Sire: Cream-of-Kansas' EV Shopan    


LA: 6-02 89 VEVV

Milk Rating: 1*M

Lady is an older, superior genetics doe that has given us several very nice does. She is a breeze to milk and very personable. She will be bred to Astro this year, then retired.

Stocks Farms Inc Griffon

Dam:Saada Lady Lilac

Sire: Saada Rising Phantom


LA:02-05 VVVV 87

Griffon has matured tremondoulsy since this picture was taken and has turned into a doe with a large gut and nice udder. She is easy to milk and making just under a gallon.

Saada Happy-Go-Lucky

Dam:Saada Happy Hildegard

Sire: Saada Ishmael


LA:02-05 ++++ 83

Lucky is one of the goats we had flown from Saada as a kid. She is a first freshening two year old, so she didn't do as well as we liked in the appraisal because her mammary system didn't have the development of the other two year olds. Her udder is well shaped and we are hoping next year she has more quantity. She is bred to Gideon and is due 2/5.

Saada Precious Blarney Gem

Dam:Saada X-Aultah Gema

Sire:Saada Caimir MacClearly



Gem came with Zeta across the US. She is a nice black spotted doe and we are looking forward to how she matures out. She is the half sister to Gideon. She will kid 2/5.