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Miniature Zebu Cattle


Miniature Zebu is one of the oldest breeds of cattle. They originated in India and are ideally suited to hot weather. Even with temperatures of 100 degrees they will lay out in the sun. They don't much like rain though, and would rather stand in the barn even if it is just a sprinkle. Our Mini-Zebu have calved in 30 degree weather and had no problems dealing with 12 degrees, although they do pick dry, sheltered places to spend the night. Miniature Zebu cattle come in several different colors and patterns, with solid gray being the most common. All of our Zebu are gray, but have been born anywhere from red to white and became gray as they grew older. These are pictures of our small herd of Miniature Zebu Cattle. All are Foundation Pure and registered with AMZA and IMZA (both associations have websites where you can get more information: IMZA is and AMZA is ). You can click on any of the pictures to view them full size. At the bottom of the page, you can click on the picture of Nimrod and his mom to see photos of his birth.  The cows Firefly and Eva are not for sale.





Above and Below :This is Stocks Farms Lil Miss Bonnie with her mom, Komokos Firefly. Born June 27, 2007.

Above and Below:Stocks Farms Peaches and her mom, Komokos Lilttle Eva. She was born July 5, 2007.

Above and below: Stocks Farms Lil Miss Bonnie in Aug 09

Above and below: Stocks Farms Peaches in Aug 09

Above is our first calf, Nimrod. Click on the picture to see his birth and watch him grow up.