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Nubian Goats For Sale

Below are the goats we have for sale as of Jan 2015. I will not put all the kids that we have on this page, so email us if you want to know if a doe has kids for sale, especially if you want a buckling.

As of right now, we don't know which does will be for sale. They will be put on here as they kid and we decide who goes and who stays.

Any questions, email Nancy at

There will also be more photos on our facebook page, Stocks Farms. Any pretty colored kid will probably end up on there!

Registered Doelings: $325-400

Registered Bucklings: $325-375 

Wethers: $50-70 

* We are offering a $50 discount for any kids picked up at two weeks of age. However, we are planning on dam raising as many as possible, so we need deposits as soon as possible to make sure we put them on the bottle.

Milking does are usually $325-450. Occasionally we sell unregistered does for a $100 discount.  

Stocks Farms Mimsy's bucks

Mimsy had three bucks by Saada's Revealed Mark. One is dark brown with a black dorsal, one is dark brown with black spots, and one is dark brown with silver, black, and a couple white spots. All have frosted ears and noses. They are already on their dam, but if you would like one of these bucks, let us know and I can make sure they are friendly enough to be handled safely.